Here’s To Your Health with
Joshua Lane
Intelligent Wellness Talk

The show is an excellent place to hear the current progressive thinking about wellness.

Beauty, fitness, and longevity, the food we eat, our home and business environment learn what you can do to keep yourself healthy and happy.

CELEBRITY guests of the show include: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Norma Kamali, Kim Alexis, Suzanne Sommers, Ingrid Newkirk, Del Bigtree, Earl Mindell, Ann Louise Gittleman, Judy A. Mikovits,PhD, Richard M. Fleming,M.D., Neal D. Barnard,M.D.

Josh asks the right questions and brings practical information to our nationwide audience.

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Where to Listen

Here's To Your Health with Joshua Lane is available on stations throughout the southwestern area. Tune in weekly to our stations in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in California, Las Vegas, NV and in Lake Tahoe.

You can listen to archived shows on demand here on our website or on your favorite podcast app, search for "Here's To Your Health With Joshua Lane."

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Bill Taubner/Val Taubner - Ball Chain Manufacturing
Bona Fide Masks/KN95 masks how and when to use them safely
Charlene Gamaldo, MD - Johns Hopkins University
Understanding the hidden toll of insomnia.  What can we do?
John Pandolfino, MD - Chief Gastroenterology Northwestern Medicine
Tips and treatments for Gastroesophageal reflux  disease  GERD

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