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Hello wellness professionals:

Here's To Your Health with Joshua Lane can help increase customer awareness and sales of your wellness products. The one hour wellness show is broadcast each week on 5 AM & FM radio stations in California, Nevada & New Mexico. a total of 7 times. Your 12 minute monthly radio interview allows you the time on air for our listening audience to learn about your wellness products and how they will benefit from their use.

You have the option of adding 84 or 168 60 second commercials to air on all 5 radio stations:
KMET 1490AM, 98.1FM

Each of these radio stations play Here's To Your Health with Joshua Lane twice per week and broadcast your 60 second commercial on their other prime time Monday through Friday 9AM - 6PM radio shows this helps increase the listening audience for your products.
The show is heard on:
KTHO 590AM, 96.1FM
KMIN 980AM, 104.3FM
KDSK 1240AM, 92.7FM, 92.9FM
A total of 5 AM & FM radio stations, plus internet stations including Soundcloud, iTunes, and iHeart

Your radio interview and company logo are displayed on the website and your interview can be played on demand from any computer worldwide. Your company logo is active, when a listener clicks on your logo, they go to your website where customers can learn about your products and buy directly from you.

Here's To Your Health with Joshua Lane has 25,000+ listeners per week and is on the air since 2012.

We feature celebrities, sports figures and influential wellness thinkers, listeners can enjoy hearing the current thinking about wellness and lifestyle choices.

Some of our guests include:
NORMA KAMALI, the Fashion designer who just got married at age 75
Suzanne Somers, the actress who wrote about good health and lifestyle long before it was popular
Kim Alexis, the face of Revlon
Dick Gregory, Civil Rights activist, wellness thinker / author, Comedian
Tommy Hawkins, Basketball great
Franco Columbu, champion bodybuilder
Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
Thomas Cowan, M.D.
Michael A. Smith, M.D.
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD
Judy Mikovits, PhD
Sylvie Beljanski
Scott Tips
And many other influential activists, teachers, scientists and innovators

Contact Us for additional information to learn how Here's To Your Health with Joshua Lane can help you grow the sales for your wellness products.

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